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Apple iPad 2 Rumors Indicate Two Cameras

Apple iPad 2 Rumors Indicate Two Cameras


Apple iPad 2 Rumors Indicate Two Cameras.we are still several months away from Apple releasing the iPad 2, we continue to hear. The latest rumour indicates that the second gen tablet will have a couple of cameras with one being 5 megapixels and the other being VGA, presumably for the front for FaceTime calls.

we could easily guess that the iPad 2 will have two cameras due to FaceTime and the call for it, there is a little bit of evidence to back this rumour up. The information comes from an investment firm that claims OmniVision will be supplying the CMOS image sensors.

Detwiler Fenton & Co suggests Apple. that Apple will be building 2.5 million units for the iPad 2. This amount of cameras actually does make you question the companies claims though.

If they were to only build 2.5 million it simply wouldn’t be enough as Apple shifted over 4 million in the last quarter of this year.

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