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Apple iOS 4.2.1 GM Released


Apple  iOS 4.2.1 GM Released

Apple [AAPL] has released new version of  iOS. it have called iOS 4.2.1GM. Now this time iOS 4.2.1 GM can be found in the developers control panel at Apple and is ready for developers to download and test now.

Last week Apple  has release second iOS 4.2 GM . it was released after a WiFi bug was found in the original iOS 4.2 GM seed.

Now this time it will be the last of the GM seeds before the iOS 4.2 release date, but we suspect its getting very close now, perhaps within the next week.

As long as it hits by November 30, then it’s still technically on time as Apple only gave November as a release date. this time perticular day is unknown. we will back soon with more details about this version…

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