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Android Gingerbread Could Be Version 2.3

Android Gingerbread Could Be Version 2.3


Android Gingerbread Could Be Version 2.3. Google [GOOG] is Now getting ready to launch the next version of Google Android. What we do know is that the new Android version will be called Gingerbread. What we don’t know is what the Android version number will be. We have often referred to it as Android 3.0, as have many others. Some people refer to it as Android 2.5.

We now hear that the actual version number might be Android 2.3.

The reason for thinking this is that in the Google Issues repository some information was posted in a comment that said “Yes, Android 2.3 is a ‘major release’, and this patch will be available then”.

Although this isn’t rock solid confirmation, it does indicate that Google will opt for 2.3 as the version number rather than a jump to version 3.0

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