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Adobe Flash Player Critical Vulnerability Details Announced

There is a announcement made by Adobe, in the security bulletin that the Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Acrobat each contain a critical vulnerability which if exploited, It could allow someone to gain control of your system.

The vulnerability exists in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions ( for Chrome users) and effects this particular version running on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.


For those who running Flash player on the Android OS (version and earlier) there is also a problem with this version.Other version details are fully listed in the security bulletin released yesterday.vulnerability can be exploited through .swf and .xls files although Adobe Reader and Acrobat users are not known to be hacked just yet.

This should be addressed for an update, (the Flash Player problem) by the end of next week. For Adobe Reader, it looks like an update will be coming later this year due to Adobe Reader X having a protected mode.

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