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3DS Will Suffer A Shorter Battery Life

3DS Will Suffer A Shorter Battery Life


3DS Will Suffer A Shorter Battery LifeI have a lovely, it is a lovely laptop that plays the latest games and does everything we need it to plus more but the battery takes a pounding. Equally, we have a lovely, lovely new phone and again the battery life takes quite the beating if everything is switched on. Usually its down to the automatic updates, auto syncing and the like and any other big, signature features that tend to suck the battery juice dry.

Unfortunately it seems to be this problem that will also affect Nintendo’s 3DS as well. Even with the advent of the world’s first 3D portable gaming device with all it’s wireless features as well as the fact that it will cost the same as the original handheld.

Due to the many high power features the 3DS will come with, its no surprise that battery power is going to be taking a whallop. Features include a wireless tag mode that allows for interaction between devices, automatic firmware updates and the obvious fact that you’ll be gaming in that wonderful 3rd dimension.

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