10 Reasons for Baning Playboy on apple

10 Reasons for Baning Playboy on apple

Apple has made clear on numerous occasions. and said that its iOS devices are no place for Adult Contant. Times, it seems, have changed. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has March.

Here are 10 possible reasons why Apple pulled a 180 and will bring Playboy to iOS.

1) Society as a whole is becoming less prudish.

2) Apple realizes that with jaw-dropping profits and 90 percent of the tablet market, it’s pretty much unbeatable and can stand to loosen up

3) Apple hasn’t been censoring. it’s been waiting for a company as gargantuan as Playboy to pay out the wazoo. after all Everyone has a price.

4) Apple plans on rewriting history and making the normal-people-sized models from Playboy’s olden days thinner so it can reuse old slogans like “Thinnovation” and “Thin as Always. Faster than ever.”

5) The Android logo will be superimposed on the naughty bits along with an audio clip of Jobs’ saying if you want Adult, you’ll have to buy Android.

6) The Apple logo will be superimposed on the naughty bits.

7) Hormone-driven teens have overrun Cupertino in Jobs’ absence.

8) Those buying back issues of Playboy really are doing it for the articles!

9) The photos will be uncensored, but so heavily airbrushed that you’ll need to run the images through Photoshop just to get through the San Francisco smog.

10) By “uncensored,” Hefner meant that the app will exhibit all of Norman Mailer’s wince-inducing racist fiction unblemished.

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