Video Calls to iPhone 4 through Skype

Video Calls to iPhone 4 through Skype

The message above shows what we could be seeing early next year.That is video calls on Skype on a Verizon iPhone if the image is to be believed.

We find the image above on the Skype website, some documents were also posted that provided details on how to use video calls on the iPhone 4 using Skype.

This documentation says that you require Skype for iPhone version 3.0. Right now Skype is on version 2.1.2 for the iPhone.

You can use an iPhone 4 or 3GS and the iPad although for the ones without forward facing cameras you’ll only be able to receive video and not send video.

It is not clear this time when Skype will launch version 3.0 for the iPhone. but some information Says that Skype will launch version 3.0 arround new year.

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