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Top Android Productivity Apps

Top Android Productivity Apps

We have listed hear five productivity apps for Android. that you can download. Some of them are free to use. And some have required subscription to a web service to activat. The apps are not in any particular order as each is good in its own way. You can find it billow…



Evernote is very popular service of 2010 it get thousands of signing up daily. Evernote is a very simple app from that you capture notes, enter text,  Clip webpages, grab sound recordings and capture photos. Once captured, the content is then synchronized with an online account which can then be accessed from the desktop on a Mac or PC as well as a web based service



Dropbox is next Popular app. Dropbox allows you to do is create a special folder on your  Desktop Computer (Mac or PC). Any files dropped in to that folder are then syncronised automatically to a cloud service.

Remember the Milk


The app is free to install to use , user will only need a Pro account on the Remember the Milk website that costs $25/year. With that you get full task management system that allows you to create tasks easily, be reminded of tasks whilst on the move and locate tasks so you can best plan which order you want to get things done.

Quickoffice Connect


Quick Office documents stored in multiple locations such as in Google Docs, Dropbox, Mobile Me and stored locally. Quickoffice is described as the only Microsoft Productivity Suite available for Android based smartphones.

mNote – Simplenote

it is an iOS based app .that is the most basic text editor you could want. All you have is a button to add new content and when you write in plain text, the first line is used as the title of the file.

It is a very basic app, this is what it’s designed for. Its aim is to get rid of the clutter and allow you to just write.

Productivity Apps Conclusion

we have only listed five apps today, there are many apps that help you to be more productive .

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