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Top 5 iPhone Apps That Can Help You to Improve Your Health

Top 5 iPhone Apps That Can Help You to Improve Your Health

Top Five Iphone Apps
Top Five Iphone Apps

Hear i am going to include the best way to improve your health form iphone apps, Apple iPhone can make you a figure of fitness from some some ways,It helps to you to save your life. and you have to pay few amount for those apps.Here are the top 5 iPhone apps that can improve your health you can find them billow..we hope this information helps you…

1 – Good Food Healthy Recipes ($1.79)

As we know that good foods are a key for good and healthy life.human body needs good fuel like fruit vegetables and lean meat.  Good Food Healthy Recipes contains over 150 recipes are avlableon apples store. that will help you for your fitness.

2 – Smokeless ($1.99)

Smoking is harmful for health. So you need to flirted with decadence and puffed on a few cigarettes back in college in order to impress the local hot girl or boy that may have taken your fancy and now you’re hooked, unable to make it through the day without your nicotine fix.

3 – Runkeeper Pro ($9.99)

If you live in the concrete jungle that is a major city, it can be quite hard figuring out where to actually jog along.  Well, Google Maps technology and plans out the routes that you can take.  It also gives you your average and current speed, shows you how far you have run and even logs your personal best times in a table, giving you goals to aim for!

4 – iHeartRate ($2.99)

The heart is the largest internal muscle in the human body and it never rests, It pump blood around your organs 24/7. your BMI, Body Fat percentage and even includes a calorie burn calculator for those of you who want to lose a little flab of the sides.  This really is a great little app.

5 – Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (Free)

This apps is free from apples . you can try it for Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker. For those of you who may have piled on the pounds over Christmas and want to get a beach body by the summer, this is the app for you. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker has the largest database of any iPhone calorie counting app available at the moment.

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