The 5 Best Smartphone Apps For Watch TV On Smartphone

Many of users spend the time logged in to social sites like Facebook and Twitter on smartphones, but many are accessing one of these nifty apps that are designed with TV lovers in mind.There’s nothing wrong with watching TV without your phone nearby, but these free smartphone apps will make TV viewing even more fun. they can use smartphones to watch Tv on smartphone, they needs apps for watch Tv on Smartphone, hear i am includeing some popular apps for watch tv on smartphone.

1. GetGlue

It is the ultimate social networking site for TV lovers. It’s a check-in app that rewards you for watching shows in real time (DVR viewing doesn’t count) by offering you digital stickers. Many of the stickers are only available for a short time, making them all the more collectible. Other stickers appear randomly as a reward for repeat viewings, for showing interest in a show pre-launch, or simply for being an active gluer. After you collect a bunch of virtual stickers, you can order a hard copy set from GetGlue, totally free.

When you’re not actively watching TV, you can visit to write reviews, Like your favorite shows and actors, and follow other gluers with similar tastes. Hook your GetGlue account to your social media accounts, and your check-ins will automatically appear as status updates on Twitter or Facebook.

2. IMDB Mobile

The one you’ve seen a million times before but you can’t remember where? Grab your smartphone and look him up with the IMDB app. Look up actors by name, or use the Popular TV prompts to zero in on what’s airing that evening. The IMDB app will even take you to the correct episode so you can leave a review, look at photos, and get more details about the cast and crew. You can even access pocket-sized recaps of recently aired episodes of dozens of popular shows.

3. Shazam

Music is a huge part of the TV viewing experience. These days, most TV shows use a soundtrack made up of pop, country, and rock tunes — tunes you’d like to hear again and again. That’s where Shazam comes in. Simply activate the app while the song is playing on TV. Shazam will listen, then tell you the name of the song and who sang it. It’ll even show you tour information, lyrics, YouTube videos and of course, a link to buy the song from iTunes.

4. Mobile

If you’re a fan of CBS or The CW, you need to download the app for your smartphone. The app is loaded with high-quality video, with clips and interviews and even full episodes of shows from the CBS library that includes Showtime, CNET, and The Insider. There’s also a Classic TV channel that includes full episodes of Star Trek, Beverly Hills 90201, MacGuyver and more.



Choose your favorite shows in the My TV section, and will automatically place related content into your feed for easy access. You will have to put up with pre-roll commercials, but it’s worth it if you’ve got some time to kill while in a wifi-enabled area. This app is a hefty one, so a 3G or higher phone and a little patience is required.

5. InToNow

It is another check-in system that isn’t as user-friendly as GetGlue, it has a cooler interface. InToNow’s secret is a speech recognition tool that listens to the show you’re watching, then automatically returns the name of the program and other details. It’s not faster than choosing a trending show from a GetGlue list, but it’s more magical! The app also connects you easily to Netflix and IMDB, but so far, so it’s more entertaining than practical.

So use This Apps and Enjoy to Watch Tv on your Smartphones…

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