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Skype for Nokia N8 Download Now Ready

Skype for Nokia N8 Download Now Ready


Skype is launching new version of Skype for Symbian based smartphones.

it is now available. This new update will support Nokia N8 as well as the C7 and E5.

Skype has also included the SILK codec that allows the software to more effectively digitize voice in to signals that can be transmitted the network. it is for the better call quality.

Skype has also updated the UI on the Symbian Skype version and has now made it a little more intuitive to use.

It is now easier for Nokia users to add contacts as well as add a profile picture.

This latest version of Skype for Symbian also allows users to make free Skype-to-Skype calls through the WiFi or 3G networks.

this will be a good way to save money for international calls.

The update is available now!

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