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RIM launches a new service that allows BlackBerry users to share music with friends.BBM Music allows BlackBerry users to select 50 songs from a catalog of millions of tracks for their own personal playlist,

“By threading the culture, the immediacy and the trusted contacts that (make up) BBM with music we thought we could create a really compelling, unique experience,” said Mitchell.


“Through BBM Music I can find out in real time what music matters to my friends. I’m seeing music bubble up that I wouldn’t even had thought about, or it’s reminding me about music from my college days.”

Users will pay US$4.99 a month for the BBM Music service. A closed trial run of the service began in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. leading up to a wide release in 18 countries overall later this year.

RIM is hoping the program will leverage the 45 million BBM users to help the Waterloo, Ontario-based company to compete with its rivals, Apple’s iPhones and Google Android devices.

RIM said music can be saved to smartphones to listen to while offline and users can keep track of how many friends are listening to your tracks.

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