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Fresh iPhone Apps for Monster.com, Portal, FaceMan update

Fresh iPhone Apps for Monster.com, Portal, FaceMan update

Fresh iPhone Apps for Monster.com
Fresh iPhone Apps for Monster.com

If you are looking for a job on your iPad, the new Monster.com app will helps you for better job search.and you can apply for jobs also ,you can find the details about Monster.com below, along with some apps we thought were interesting that have nothing to do with job searching.

Monster.com Jobs for iPad (iPad) Free

It help to you find the job . you’ve been hoping for, with a little help from Monster.com. The job search service has just released an iPad-only app that hooks you straight into the company’s website,it will allow to you search for better jobs, read their descriptions, save them for later and even apply without ever leaving the app.

you’ve created an account on Monster.com,Then you can able to apply online , which will keep track of any changes you’ve made and jobs you’ve saved or applied for. The app also gives you access to things you’ve added to your account, like saved resumes and job alerts.you can save and access on Monster.com through a regular web browser.

Portal – Full Screen Browser (iPhone) $1.99

It is the Full Screen Browse , Portal is designed to give you web browsing that isn’t impeded by search bars or the other elements that can crowd up a mobile browser. It’s also designed to be simple and operated using only one hand, with an easy-to-use interface, and amped-up privacy protections.

Portal allows you to use of multiple browser profiles, It is allowing you to share the use of Portal on your iPhone with others, without stepping on each others’ toes and crowding one another’s bookmarks or histories. It’ll also let you use stealth profiles for your browsing, to keep others out of your web-browsing business.

FaceMan update (iPhone) $0.99

FaceMan is a photo app it designed to take portraits with both the front and rear-facing cameras on the iPhone 4. The app contains about 20 different effects that can be applied in varying degrees to your iPhone photos, and also allows you to save altered photos to your photo roll or share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

It has been updated to support video. Effects can now be tweaked with a slider, and when you’re done shooting and altering video, it call be shared just like photos.

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