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Best iPad apps of 2010

Best iPad apps of 2010

Best iPad apps of 2010
Best iPad apps of 2010

The best iPad apps of 2010 was no easy task.  I have selected the apps that are most popular apps of ipad in 2010.you can find them billow.

iA Writer :- With Dropbox integration, files can be saved, protected and accessed from anywhere. With an always-visible word count, plus a clock that will tell you how long it will take to read, iA Writer is a fantastic tool.

Flipboard :- It’s a fantastic way to browse through your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and now features streams from Flickr and Google Reader. You can share via any social media tools you want right from within Flipboard, and the developers continue to add functionality and features.

ABC Player :- ABC Player includes the daytime and evening lineup, as well as specials (there are seven holiday-themed shows featured right now in the app).

The New Yorker app :- The New Yorker iPad app brings all the amazing content, including the infamous cartoons (and even makes it easier for me to read them all first—which is what I always did with the print version), to life.

Aweditorium :- From this you can tap one photo to hear a song, view the lyrics, read pop-up bits of information, share via Facebook or Twitter, access YouTube videos, download from iTunes, and more. You can listen alone with headphones, or run it through your stereo and hand the iPad to guests. allowing the musical soundtrack of your party be an adventure.

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