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Free Antivirus For Businesses Promised By ClamAV

Free Antivirus For Businesses Promised By ClamAV


Most of us don’t want to pay for antivirus,we want free of cost this app. Microsoft Security Essentials allows up to 10 corporate users within its license agreement, which is helpful but doesn’t allow for small business growth.

ClamAV for Windows has just released a beta of version 3.0 of its software.virus-scanning engine is provided by ClamAV, a stalwart of open source AV defenses, especially on server systems. The virus definitions are provided by both ClamAV and the Immunet Protect.

The key new feature in version 3 is offline scanning.ClamAV for Windows ideally requires an Internet connection in order to check files against virus definitions, but with version 3 the ClamAV engine and virus definitions are also held locally, so virus scans are possible when the Internet is not present on your computer.

It is possible to upgrade to a “plus” version of the software, the main purpose of which is to sponsor the Immunet and ClamAV community projects.

This is a beta version of the software,it is not ready for deployment on your systems just yet. There is no word on when the final release will make it, and it seems that the beta itself was due in November last year, so perhaps we shouldn’t hold our breath.

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