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5 Best Firefox Themes

Mozilla Firefox is the undisputed leader of  open source web browsers . There are thousands of  free firefox themes that are available for Mozilla Firefox. i am going to include 5 Best Firefox Themes for Mozilla Firefox Browser. Here are some of the best themes and skin are available  for Mozilla Firefox :We are includeing 5 Best Firefox Themes.


  • Bloomind FT DeepDark 2: Bloomind FT DeepDark 2 theme for mozilla is created for Firefox 4 and has been tested on Windows platform only. The theme has no added functionality but it is a highly customized variant of the Firefox GUI.


  • NASA Night Launch: NASA Night Launch theme for mozilla is for those users who like the dark shades. If you are running a desktop which is dark in shade or you are browsing in the night then this theme is for you. The theme is compatible with almost all the versions of Firefox across all the major platforms available.NASA Night Launch  firefox mozilla theme has a long list of compatible extensions with Firefox.


Best mozilla fire fox theam
Best mozilla fire fox theam
  • Lava Fox VI: Lava Fox VI is another dark theme that has topped the download charts of Mozilla . it has  a great website design. The theme has been unified with a variety of skins along with attractive progress bars, scroll bars and throbbers. The icons have glowing effects and tabs have been arranged in a simple and clean layout.


  • Shine Bright Skin: Shine Bright Skin cross browser Firefox theme has been successfully rendered on all the major platforms. The theme will make the tabs thinner and sleeker. This Best Firefox Themes  gives the web browser a fine polished look and feel. The theme has been on the top downloads list of the Mozilla. The theme has described by Softpedia as “A minimalistic Firefox Theme”.


  • Silvermel: Silvermel theme is a modification of the theme Charamel. Silvermel has been designed to provide support and compatibility with some of the best and highly used extensions of Firefox. Many extensions like DOM Inspector, IE Tab, IE View Lite, Adblock Plus, Auto Hide Status bar and Flockmarks are compatible with mozilla fire for.For look most popular website design.
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