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Satellite television vs. Cable TV is an ongoing debate that is unlikely to stop or slow down any time soon. The simple fact is, there are definite pros and cons to both systems, meaning that which is “better” really depends on your own personal preferences. For example, satellite TV tends to offer a better, clearer picture, as well as a wider range of channels. However, people tend to prefer Cable TV if they care much about having access to local channels. Ultimately, most avid television watchers can probably get the most out of a satellite television system, as the amount of programming available via satellite is tough to argue with.

Satellite television vs. Cable TV
Satellite television vs. Cable TV

One example of the type of programming and the extent of availability of channels offered to you by satellite companies such as Direct TV is the NFL Sunday Ticket feature, which is extremely valuable to sports fans. With a basic television package, you have access each Sunday to a number of NFL football games… however, you cannot usually see each and every game, and which ones are on usually depends on where you are in the country. This means that you may be subject to lower quality games when there are great games going on; it also means, depending on your situation, that you may not always be able to keep track of your own team on television.

With NFL Sunday Ticket you will have unlimited access to just about every game all season, and you will have your choice of which ones to watch and which ones to ignore. This type of package can allow you to be more aware of and involved in the football season than ever before, and can bring you Sunday after Sunday of nonstop entertainment. And, for those fans who wish to be even more connected to Sunday games, there are additional packages offered, such as the Redzone package. Redzone automatically notifies you if there is a scoring situation in a game that you are not watching, meaning that, if you choose to, you can watch literally every scoring play.

NFL Sunday ticket is just one example of the types of features and packages that can be available to you through satellite television. Again, there are certainly pros and cons to both satellite and cable – but, if your focus is on getting as much quality programming as possible, you will probably end up preferring the satellite option. There is simply no better way to access the biggest range of shows, sports and movies.

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