Mac vs. Windows: Which One is Best for Internet Marketers

When it comes to choosing an ideal computer as an internet marketer, the choice basically comes down to two choices. Those two choices are Windows and Mac. Each computer type has its own specialty and looking at these can help you to decide which one is best and better suited for your particular purposes.

The Hardware Differences

One argument many Windows owners have made for keeping their PCs has been that Windows based systems could easily be updated with new hardware. Many internet marketers take pride in being able to have their computers sport the latest video cards and hard drives. The better hardware has in the past made Windows based computers a preferred choice, especially with those who favored use of video.

Nowadays however, the situation seems to be that Macs have become rather decent with video graphics processing. The issue that seems to be plaguing many Windows user is that of hardware stability. Because Windows is the operating system with the largest market share in the computer world, there are many more viruses out there that pose a threat to Windows computers than there are that pose a threat to Macs. Mac users are finding that they do not face nearly as many virus and hardware issues as Windows users presently face. Also the gap in the hardware options between the Macs and Windows seems to be lessening. Soon, there will be little or no difference in the hardware options available for these computers.


Differences in Browsers

To be honest, there is no complaint by Mac users over which browser to use. Macs have a solid browser software available from Apple that doesn’t have the crash issues that plague Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Also the array of reliable open source browser software available for Mac users is amazing.

Windows users suffer from constantly facing problems with browsers and their reliability. Internet Explorer, which comes on Windows computers, is notorious for crashing for apparently no reason at all. The best browser that even approaches the reliability of most Mac browsing programs is Firefox.

Firefox rarely experiences the crashes that plague Internet Explorer. Also it has more add on programs available than Explorer. This means that this program is better suited for internet marketers because it gives them a variety of ways to reach potential clients that just aren’t available in Internet Explorer.

Differences in Graphics Capabilities.

Mac users have found for years that their computers are very user friendly for graphic design projects. This is better than Windows for many reasons. Windows computers seem to be designed to provide a great operating system. However, Windows doesn’t have the number of fonts and graphic design tools available that are available to Mac users.

Mac users have seen Apple consistently improve the graphic design tools available to their systems. This means that the Mac has a much cleaner interface with graphic design projects than what Windows users experience. In the end, it appears that for a computer that is most user friendly, the Mac wins.

Similarities Between Mac and Windows

As more third-party programs are being developed, Mac and Windows users are finding that the program differences are not as vast between the two as what they once were. The list below shows a few of the similarities that are now making the gap between the two smaller than it was.

Cloud computing software is available for both systems that handle tasks that once were done only on the hard drive.
Social media is driving many projects in internet marketing and these programs are available directly via the net.
Many third-party programs are now made exactly the same for Macs and Windows.

In conclusion, the computer is not what makes or breaks an internet marketer as much as it is what they do with the computer. The differences between Macs and Windows computers are significant, but not enough to declare that one is significantly better than another. Many successful internet marketers have found that the best thing to do is to have two computers. They own a Mac for graphic design purposes and have a Windows based PC for video editing and other purposes. In the end, maybe this is the best way to use computers for internet marketing.

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