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Why PPC is a safer Bet than Traditional SEO?

Target Your Successful PPC Keywords Via SEO. Once you have success targeting PPC keywords in you website .you will become most searchable person in web world .hear we explain  Why PPC is a safer Bet than Traditional SEO? .

Much has been said and much has been written about the promising prospect of SEO. But the illusion went into a tailspin when Google panda update goes live. We witnessed how some of the leading websites came crumbling down. Some companies lost their rankings so badly that they were forced to shut down their business either temporarily or permanently and this is what has forced many companies to rethink their marketing strategy. Companies who heavily relied on online marketing, more particularly on Google, are holding discussions on regular basis as to what they should do to reduce their dependence on Google to a minimum. But the problem is that you cannot run away from the problem. Just turning your back to Google is not the end of the problem rather it is the end of your quest for the solution. You need to find a way out and the only solution is to add PPC into your company’s marketing mix.

Best Ppc keewords
Best Ppc keewords

There is no point of getting appalled at the very thought of running a paid campaign for a company. Take it as an investment and believe me, each penny you spend on Google Adwords will be counted at the end of the day. However, there are some technicalities involved, but this is a part and parcel of an internet marketer’s life and so you need not to fear that. Just make sure that you are bidding sensibly and the targeted keywords are not of the board. It is a bit tough for a newbie to get the hang on PPC but once you have the initial idea, great fun and excitement is waiting for you at the end of the day.

PPC Comes with A certainty

: Yes, it is and it is good through it comes at a price. At least, it gives you the opportunity to play fair with the big brothers that dominate almost every term imaginable in Google organic search result. Now, PPC has a provision for lesser privileged classes. You can bid for less competitive keywords and the good news is that it will not cost you an arm and a leg.  Moreover, Google does not believe in keeping anything secret when it comes to PPC. Almost everyone knows how to increase  or how to get to the top in a series of search queries. So, it is an open platform and if you are good at math, you will fare well in it. Guidance is available and what’s more, Google offers professional certificate on Google Adwords so that people spend more money on it.

Traditional SEO

What is bad about traditional SEO is that Google will never reveal what to do to get your website on the top. They keep on saying things which are quite obviously, if not vague sometimes. Google will never come clear on this as it is intrinsically related to its existence in the fiercely competitive search market. But no one can deny the benefits of getting to the top of SERP in organic search. So, you cannot take it out from your online marketing mix.

So, if you want to weather the next storm perfectly, you need to try your hands on both organic and inorganic SEO. An ideal business model for every business.

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