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Social SEO eBook:How to Drive More Traffic

If you want to know how to drive more traffic read this book .Google is the number one source of traffic, accounting for up to 80% of total traffic on e-commerce sites. While most sites do a good job optimizing their pages and URLs, many forget about some of the most useful content available – user-generated content.

In this free eBook we’ll cover which social content is most valuable for SEO, a self-test to determine whether your site is currently getting the value of your social content, and 3 tips to optimize your site for Social SEO today.

In-line SEO™
Leverage long-tail keywords produced by customer content, and deliver proven SEO directly to the where conversion is highest your product page.

Google Product Reviews

Automatically syndicate your user-generated content across Google Search (with rich snippets), Product Search, Ads, and other relevant properties.


Reach Enhancement

Multiply the reach of your user-generated content across your authorized retail channels and increase brand exposure.

Mobile Reviews
Expand your reach to offline touch points with mobile-optimized customer reviews that help shoppers reach buying decisions quickly, while standing in-store.


Reach millions of new customers on the premier destination for the most credible and useful product reviews on the web. Choose to automatically syndicate your reviews to Buzzillions and more qualified, informed traffic to your site.


Actionable analysis to measure ROI and help you build a better business. Complete with easily customizable reports and automated alerts to easily assess product performance, identify brand advocates, and ultimately reduce costs. Additionally, the moderation dashboard gives you complete control over content publishing.


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