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SEOPressor – Best On Page Optimization Tool

If You need WordPress best on page optimization tool . Then SEO Pressor  helps You. You can search for the interesting topics on the Google and write an interesting article on it.Here we introduce to you the SEO Presser WordPress plugin that you must have it in your dashboard. This tool will determine what is missing in your content and will perform a plethora of automated tasks that will boost the traffic on your post right from the Day One.


Importance of SEO and SEO Pressor?

The SEO helps in bringing in you and your work in front of the world in search engine. So SEOPressor tool can be handy. Here are few points that illustrate the importance of this tool:

SEOPressor  can be greatly utilized by SEO Professionals From that You can  competing against the higher competitive keywords in lesser amount of time.

SEOPressor  is for every newbie that wants to make big in the world of advertising and online business. This plugin will deal with almost 50 per cent of the SEO work that you will do in order to boost more traffic.

The tool generates a score card before you submit to the search engines and this will reflect how you fared in your in this aspect (SEO).


SEOPressor Works?

All tags such as H1, H2 and H3 that you use in your article must have the necessary keywords.

Bold, italicize and highlight the necessary keywords at least once in your article

Set Alt tag as keywords for your images

Also keep in mind to keep the density of the keyword in between the range of 1 to 3 per cent

After installing this plugin on your dashboard, then you must follow these steps that you need to consider:

First of all you need to enable the required check lists in your SEO pressor settings.

Then you need to fill some fields that are required for the plugin to work and after completing this task you are ready to use this plugin.


This plugin is for those people who want to focus more on their content and traffic rather than bothering about the on-page optimizations and other issues. The plugin will save a lot of time and it provides a checklist when you are about to press the “publish” button. This list will show you the extent up to which the page is following the set guidelines that are given by various search engines especially Google.

 How To Buy SEOPressor WordPress Plugin

This excellent plugin is available on the WordPress platform.  You can  use to set up for your blog. The single license costs about $47 and if you multiple sites then you can obtain the multiple use license for $97. You can obtain a 7-day trial for only $7.

7 Days Trial – $7 (Buy Now)

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