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Keep The Conversation On Your Website!

When creating content, it’s important to keep it on your own website or blog. There are several reasons for this.


First and foremost, you want your content to be associated with you. This may seem obvious, but a reader’s attention is generally pretty limited. After reading your blog post, if the reader is intrigued, they are likely to look for links to follow to learn more. By keeping the reader on your blog, you keep all of your content links within a single click.

how to make a popular website for business
how to make a popular website for business


Utilizing blog software and plug-ins, it is possible to push your article or blog post out to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. There is no need to do a copy and paste, or try to republish everything to social media yourself. Your blog should be the central source of your content.


Social media is about connecting people. This is where your readers will aggregate and stumble across your content. From there, they will follow the content back to your blog. If you remember from the previous paragraph, this is exactly where you want them–in a place where they have easy access to more of your content.

Think of this whole process like putting pastries in the display window of a bakery. You show the people what they want, and they must come inside to get more. By keeping the conversation on your website, you’re insuring that your readers will spend less time on your social networking profile (which is mainly just a traffic generation tool!) and spend more time on your blog, where it really matters.

People do not visit social media sites to read content. They visit social media sites to connect. It’s in your best interest to pick the right tool for the job and in this case, it’s by keeping the conversation on your website.

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article was contributed by Shanna Cramer, owner of web design and web marketing, The Web Shoppe in Fargo, ND. Shanna also contributes articles on plastic surgery.

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