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How to Increase Alexa Ranking

How to Increase Alexa Ranking

alexa Ranking
alexa Ranking

Many of Advertisers prefer alexa as a tool . That evaluates the website traffic and It’s performance On the web.

Now hear the Question is how to increase the web traffic for the alexa ranking.

i will give you some inportant tips to increase the web traffic of your website or blog.There are many methods to increase alexa ranking of their website check out the tips below which i have inckuded hear to increase alexa ranking of your website.

1. First of all you have to use alexa toolbar which is available for major popular browser which include mozilla firefox, internet explorer, google chrome you can download the tool from official alexa site as well as extension gallery of your browser.

2. Now you have to ask other to put a positive review about your website. from the positive  reviews on alexa you can increase alexa ranking.

3. Put alexa widget code on your website home page .this is not possible for sites in every niche but sites of technology niche can surely use the widget on their site.

4. Shair your website URL in webmaster forums and use the same URL as your signature in webmaster forums.from That way you can incrase the your visitor and alexa rank too.

5. You have to Use alexa redirects of your website URL try this and use same URL while commenting.Redirect is counted as unique IP so clicking same redirect multiple times won’t help so use this with caution.

6. You have to encourage those users who use alexa toolbar on their browser and set your website as home page.

7. You have to use social networking sites like digg and stumble It helps to you in increase traffic which surely helps you increase alexa ranking.

There are many other innovative ways to increase the ranking of alexa .i hope to use this ways you got posstive results.I hope these tips will help you increase alexa ranking.

And I hope you will enjoy to read this post. so please read,reply and comment…

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