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Disadvantages of pricing your SEO services at dirt-cheap rates

It has been almost a decade since Search Engine Optimization was first regarded as a full time job. Since then, many have chosen Search Engine Optimization as a full time career and their primary source of income. And why not? SEO (or internet marketing to be precise) has enormous potential as an industry. But, in spite of the fact that SEO is pretty much an established industry at this point, we still see massive differences in the rates or wages of SEO professionals or SEO agencies. Almost all wannabe SEO professionals are seen asking this question on SEO forums … “How much should I charge for my SEO



Now, I am not going to advise on how to price your services, what I am looking to highlight are the disadvantages of pricing your SEO services at abnormally low rates, in a bid to oust your competitors and attract more and more customers. While it appears to be a sound strategy, it backfires more often than not, for the reasons given below. Let’s have a look.



Gives an impression of Sub-standard Service:


While pricing your services at abnormally low rates, you’re expecting your customers to think “wow, that’s so cheap, let’s waste no time and employ their services”. But what actually crop up is something on the lines of “That’s so cheap, they must be offering some inferior services”, because that’s how a customer’s psyche works. It’s hard for them to digest that someone is offering first class product or services at abnormally low rates. That’s especially true for the new customers. They’ll always doubt when a price tag sounds too good to be true, hence your low pricing strategy will bounce back.


You start focusing on cost-cutting techniques:


When you’re trying to beat your competitors by offering low prices, you’ll inevitably start focusing more and more on cost cutting measures rather than the quality work. While in money-saving mode, you can’t expect to pay someone $5 dollars and expect the research and content worth $20 dollars. Same goes for other on-page or off-page optimization methods. When you’re trying to squeeze profits out of your rock-bottom prices, you’ll always be looking for cheapest methods available instead of the best

ones. Not only you’ll hurt your client’s websites, but you’ll also end up hurting your own business.


You don’t get to hire competent staff:


The success of an SEO agency depends largely on its staff, because no matter how good of an expert you are, you can’t serve more than one client efficiently unless your assistants are not capable enough. Due to the high demand in this time and age, you can’t get good SEO professionals or content writers at miserly wages. Charging too low from the customers wouldn’t allow you to pay competitive salaries to your resources; hence you will be forced to take in unskilled workers, requiring constant supervision, and still falling short of your client’s expectations, especially if they are looking to rank for competitive keywords like 123inkjets coupons or 4inkjets coupons.


You keep living hand to mouth and save nothing to invest in your future:


You might be able to bag half a dozen clients because of your dirt cheap prices, and it might be sufficient for you to keep meeting your day-to-day expenses, however small profit margins will make it difficult for you to survive in the longer run, since you’ve got to keep investing in acquiring new technologies and resources in order to compete in the SEO field. Undercharging will put pressure on your business right from the word “Go” and you’ll hardly be able to sustain, let alone flourish.

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