Heavy Rain Is coming soon to a theater

Heavy Rain Is coming soon to a theater

“Heavy Rain” destined for the Hollywood treatment—and indeed, the search for the Origami Killer may soon on the silver screen.

last year’s PlayStation 3 exclusive, according to Variety, with developers from Quantum Dream (the company that designed Heavy Rain) slated to pitch in.

it’s not like video games turning into movies is anything new, as anyone who’s seen “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “Price of Persia- The Sands of Time,” “Resident Evil,” and “Max Payne” knows.

“Heavy Rain” is something else—a game like no other game I’ve ever played. It is not as a video game, but an “interactive drama.”

“Heavy Rain” begins slowly—too slowly for some—with scenes of everyday family life, a father and son, and a marriage that’s showing subtle signs of strain.

“Heavy Rain” boasted a quartet of compelling, sympathetic lead characters, top-notch voice acting (well, at least I thought so), a moody, Howard Shore-like soundtrack, and—best of all—a real page-turner of a plot.

“Heavy Rain” felt like watching—strike that, being in—a video game version of “Seven.” Indeed,

Hollywood’s come calling, although it’s still curious  that a game so heavily influenced by the movies will now, if all goes according to plan, become a movie.



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