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Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac Moves to Beta

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac Moves to Beta


If you Have Your own a Mac Pc and you decided to buy a new Windows Phone 7 smartphone. when they launched last week then you now have the ability to connect your
smartphone to your Mac via the Windows Phone 7 Connector software.

Microsoft [MSFT] just released the software in a public Beta stage and it allows you to connect up easily to your Mac.

The software is capable for syncing your movies, photos, music and podcasts up to your Windows Phone 7 device. The sync is made between iPhoto and iTunes to your phone
which allows you to keep your data in familiar software programs.

It isn’t clear when the final version of the software will go live, but expect it in the next month or so. Let us know if you run in to any problems testing the WP7
connector out.

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  1. Is it okay that I go a bit off topic? I’m trying to view your site on my Mac but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Queen

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