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White LG Optimus One Launched in the Korea

White LG Optimus One Launched in the Korea


LG Electronics has announced on Twitter that a new LG Optimus One is launching. The new LG Optimus will be in white colour and looks to be launching in Korea This time.

The confirmation of the white LG Optimus One came from LGs public relations blogger, Ken Hong, who showed the above picture of the device.

It is not clear this time it is launching only in Korea or roll out to the rest of the world.

Some interesting facts show this time that the LG Optimus One has been the best selling LG phone with 1 million units selling in the first 40 days of launch.

“The versatile, powerful LG Optimus One was designed to provide an easy transition into the world of smartphones and as these numbers demonstrate, there is obviously a strong demand for this type of device”.

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