What New Features Will Be In Iphone 5 ?

Hi friends I am going to share the new features of the new upcoming Apple Iphone 5. its starting price will be too high but I am sure when Apple will start inducing it in bulk the prices will definitely go down.The new features of Iphone 5 are although not announced officially yet but still I have a few of those features which will make Iphone 5 different from previous iphones.



* Short Range Wireless – It means if two persons are in the given range they both can use their Iphones as walkie talkie! This is really cool I mean it’s an amazing feature.

* Internal memory – Internal memory of this phone will be 64 GB which is more than enough.
* The apple’s new iPhone 5 will have better operating system (iOS 5)
* Display – It will have a OLED (organic light emitting diodes) display which is really cool.
* Face recognition – This feature will be simply awesome.
* 3Consumer can now enjoy video chat on 3G and 4G other than Wi-Fi only with a HD audio player
* GPS : It will have gps.iPhone 5 Could Feature Free GPS Navigation
* Local channels : You guys can also watch the local channels on your Iphone 5.
* The new iPhone 5 is going to be even sleek than 3Gs, with shiny glass back piece.
* The ground breaking news is that the new apple’s iPhone 5 would be at the same price as of iPhone 4G.
* Inbuilt projector : The phone will alsi ahve an inbuilt projector which you can use to project you pictures and videos even on a wall.

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