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Verizon iPhone 4 Photos Leak

Verizon iPhone 4 Photos Leak


Now we have iPhone 4 Photos.iPhone 4 were found which indicate the device would be compatible with CDMA networks we shown that yesterday,now we have some details of the Verizon [VZ]. but that a micro SIM slot could also be found on the side perhaps for either a standard device that is compatible with all networks, or a device that is used on Verizon, but can roam globally on GSM networks.

Richy Rich seems to have got hold of some photos that “claim” to be the Verizon iPhone 4. Software running on the device is Inferno which we saw previously on other leaked iPhone 4s earlier this year.

we might be looking at a fake model or a regular iPhone 4, but it does help add to the previous rumours we have been hearing.

It is expected that the iPhone 4 will launch in the first quarter of year 2011.

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