Top 4 Most POpular Stylish Smartphone

1.Samsung, Nexus S

Most Popular smartphones
Most Popular smartphones

Why get this

* Fast and easy to use – thanks to the latest Android™ technology and 1GHz processor
* See things clearly – the bright super LCD screen gives you glare-free viewing
* Make it the way you want it – with five customisable homescreens and loads of apps

Key features

* 5 megapixel camera
* Curved contour display
* 16GB memo

Packed with the latest Android™ technology

Powered by Gingerbread, the latest release of the Android™ platform, the Nexus S is fast, easy to learn and efficient. Nexus S has a super-fast 1GHz processor and dedicated graphics, which comes in handy when you’re watching movies on your phone. .

Perfect for browsing, gaming and staying in touch
Get online quickly, play games and chat however you like – with a processor that’s built to deliver. With Flash support, you can view every website the way it was designed to be. And the huge 16GB internal memory means you’ve got plenty of space to download new system upgrades, features and apps as soon as they become available. Perfect for browsing, gaming and staying in touch

The Nexus S – designed with you in mind

The Nexus S has a 4-inch curved Super LCD screen. With 75% less glare than other smartphones, it’s perfect for taking snaps on the beach – because you won’t have to move out of the sun to view them, and the improved virtual keyboard makes typing and texting easy. Multi-touch technology means you can zoom in to web pages smoothly. And with its sleek design, Nexus S fits perfectly in the palm of your hand too.

Share every moment


Whether you’re using the front-facing camera to Skype home from the top of a mountain, or capturing snapshots to share with your mates on Facebook – the user-friendly curved shape of the Nexus S gives you the freedom to take it anywhere. And with auto focus and flash, the 5 megapixel camera gives you the picture you want, every time. Scroll seamlessly through the curved icons, and watch it blink to black like a ’70s TV when you switch itoff.



2.BlackBerry, Torch

Why get this

* Touchscreen plus QWERTY keypad – so you can enjoy the best of both worlds
* Customisable homescreen – the new BlackBerry 6 operating system lets you do more
* 5 megapixel ‘Zero shutter’ camera – takes photos the second you push the button

Key features

* Touch screen
* Qwerty keyboard
* 5 megapixels

Touchscreen – and a QWERTY keypad

The new BlackBerry Torch has a touchscreen that works just like the ones on other smartphones such as the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S. Tap or swipe it with your finger and it responds fast. And when you want to type a text or email quickly and easily – perhaps to say you’ll be home late from work – simply slide out the familiar BlackBerry QWERTY keypad from behind the touchscreen.

Easy to use laptop

The touch-sensitive trackpad is similar to the ones you find on laptops – as well as on the Bold 9700 and Curve 9300 It makes life easy when you’re browsing the web, scrolling through menus or enjoying some downtime on your favourite social networks.

BlackBerry Torch is more customisable

The Torch is the first BlackBerry smartphone to come with the BlackBerry 6 operating system. It lets you do more to personalise your home screen – like grouping together shortcuts to apps, email, texts and more in any way that suits you. It’s great for getting your life organised on your BlackBerry.

Pinch-to-zoom comes to the BlackBerry Torch
Get closer to the details in a web page by putting your thumb and finger together on the BlackBerry Torch’s touchscreen and moving them apart – you’ll zoom in instantly. Pinch the other way to zoom back out. It’s the first time a BlackBerry smartphone has had this handy feature. And if you want to check your Facebook page while you read the news online, open both windows at once and simply flip between the two.

Best BlackBerry camera yet

Unlike previous BlackBerry smartphones such as the Bold 9700 or Storm2, the BlackBerry Torch has an improved 5 megapixel camera. It’s also got auto-focus – because no one likes fuzzy photos – plus image stabilisation, making your shots sharp even when your hands aren’t perfectly steady.

Take photos without the wait
You know how it is with some camera phones – you press the button to take a photo, and you have to wait before it actually captures the shot you want. Life’s simpler with the BlackBerry Torch. A clever new technology called ‘Zero shutter’ means that as soon as you click to take a picture, it’s done. It’s a feature you won’t find on the Bold 9700 or Storm2.

BlackBerry Torch – built for social networking

Love to tweet what you’re up to when you’re out and about? Or catch up with Facebook in the park while you have lunch? Or maybe you want to network with potential clients via LinkedIn. You’ll find apps for all your favourite social networks on the BlackBerry Torch. Switch between them effortlessly – no need to shut one to use the other – and share your holiday photos with everyone back home easily (while you’re still on the beach).

Stay in touch with BlackBerry Messenger
Just like with all BlackBerry smartphones, you can chat to your mates and your colleagues instantly using BlackBerry Messenger if they’ve got a BlackBerry smartphone. It’s faster than sending a text – and the slide-out QWERTY keypad makes it easy too


3.HTC, Desire HD

Why get this

* HD touchscreen – see everything from websites to movies in high definition
* Super-fast processor – there’s no waiting around, whether you’re browsing the web or playing games
* Highly customisable – choose how you want your homescreens, wallpaper, widgets and apps

Key features

* 4.3″ touch screen
* Android technology
* 8 megapixels

Enjoy the Desire HD’s 4.3″ touchscreen

The HTC Desire HD has one of the largest, clearest HD touchscreens around – bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S or Sony Ericsson X10. The 4.3″ screen is perfect for everything from browsing sites in your lunch hour or sharing a presentation on the train to enjoying movies on the way home. And with Dolby Mobile, you get a rich, cinema-like sound.

Capture special times in HD
The other thing the HD screen comes in handy for is watching high definition video clips – you’ll have fun shooting them with the Desire HD’s 8 megapixel camera. And the photos you take will look amazing too – just imagine seeing your family holiday pictures in HD while you’re still enjoying your time away (why wait till you get back to your PC?).

Do it all faster with the HTC Desire HD

The powerful 1GHz processor inside the HTC Desire HD means you’ve got speed on your side when browsing sites, playing games or watching videos. The processor makes the Desire HD faster than similar HTC Android phones like the HTC Legend or HTC Wildfire. It also lets you multi-task without things slowing down.

Built to keep pace with business
The HTC Desire HD’s business features help you work quicker and smarter. You can easily plan your working day (and your social life) on the move with the calendar, contacts and email functions – they sync effortlessly with your computer. Next, do some online research – or catch up with the latest business news – by pinching the Desire HD’s touchscreen to zoom in on web pages. The text automatically reorganises itself to make reading easier (it’s called reflow).

Choose the look and feel of your Desire HD

Like all Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S or the HTC Wildfire, the HTC Desire HD is highly customisable. You’ve got up to seven homescreens for things like widgets, apps, website bookmarks and more. So, you might have your email inbox on one screen, the weather or your Twitter feed on another and stock prices on another – it’s up to you.

Apps let you do more with your Desire HD
The HTC Desire HD comes with lots of great apps preloaded for things like getting the latest news sent to your phone or turning your camera’s flash into a handy torchlight. When you’re ready to make your Desire HD even more personal to you, choose from over 100,000 apps in Android Market”. There’s something for everyone – from fun games to business productivity tools – and many apps are free.


4.BlackBerry, Curve 9300 Red

Why get this

* Simple to stay in touch – the big keyboard and GPS make it easy to type messages and find your way
* Faster connections – 3G makes web browsing and emailing as quick as on your PC
* Designed with you in mind – find your music and websites fast with the media keys and new trackpad

Key features

* 3G
* 2 megapixels
* Built-in GPS

Smarter social networking with the Curve 9300

Like other BlackBerry phones, the Curve 9300 comes with BlackBerry Messenger built-in. This means you can instant chat with friends and work colleagues who also have a BlackBerry phone – it’s easier than texting. And because the Curve 9300 has a full QWERTY keyboard, you’ll be able to type your messages even quicker.

Find your way with GPS
Another feature on the Curve 9300 that you don’t get with the Curve 8520 is GPS. It comes in handy when you’re trying to find your way to a new client’s offices for a meeting – or to a mate’s birthday celebration in a restaurant you’ve never visited before.

Out of the office, not out of touch

With the BlackBerry Curve 9300 in your hand, you can work efficiently even when you’re away from your office. It integrates your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes – and synchronises with your PC, so you can stay fully up-to-date when you’re out and about.

3G – for faster web and email
Unlike the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Curve 8900, the Curve 9300 gives you the benefit of a superfast 3G connection. As you’ll be able to browse the web and get emails so quickly with it, you won’t notice the difference in speed between your phone or your PC.

Go straight to your music and websites

There are dedicated media keys on the top of the BlackBerry Curve 9300 that make it a piece of cake to find your favourite tunes – or change tracks while you’re on the move. You won’t find them on the BlackBerry Bold 9700, by the way.
You’ll also be able to fly through websites and menus on the Curve 9300 – thanks to its new, updated touch-sensitive trackpad. It’s similar to the ones you get on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 or BlackBerry Curve 8520.


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