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T-Mobile and Orange Network Merge

T-Mobile and Orange Network Merge


T Mobile Orange T Mobile and Orange Network Merge Now Available Orange and T-Mobile recently merged together as a company.if you have a either network you will now be allowed to roam across either network, it is totaly free of charge.There are some caveats such as only having access to 2G rather than 3G whilst roaming.

It have a grate facility if you are traveling and lose the T-Mobile signal then your call will drop when it switches to is expected that sometime next year you’ll be able to seamlessly roam without dropped calls.

The service is not activated automatically on phone which means we need to register on the T-Mobile or Orange site to show your interest on it.we have to singup to activate this service on our phone.when we have singup then we got a text massege.when we reply yes then the service will activate.

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