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Sony Ericsson ANZU Run on Android 2.3 When Launched

Sony Ericsson ANZU Run on Android 2.3 When Launched


On the side of look Sony Ericsson ANZU  have a 4.3 inch display and be very thin. As well as showing a leaked picture of the device, the ANZU will also run Android 2.3 when it launches rather than an older version.

The phone pictured here shows it running Android 2.1 this is a very early prototype model.

The image shows an OS as 2.1 and a name of anzu, we don’t know for sure if it will run 2.3 in the future when it is launched.

Knowing SEs track record with Android updates on its X10 series of phones, it could well run something a lot lower in the 1.X range. We’ll keep our hopes up for now on this one though and see what gets announced in the next few weeks.

We will come soon with more details….

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