samsung has launch the new samsung wave phone

samsung has launch the new samsung wave phone

Samsung has developed its own operating system from scratch,witch name is Bada and the Wave is the first phone to play host to it.The new samsung Wave have a 3.3-inch display witch is a real eye-popper. It uses Super AMOLED tech for vivid, ultra-colourful icons, images and video, all of which is pin-sharp and support to the 480×800-pixel resolution.

The Wave also have a hi-def video at 720p, matching the iPhone 4, but also shoots in slow motion and has a low-resolution mode for MMS messaging. The rear camera has a decent 5 megapixel sensor with LED flash that’s good enough to act as a respectable day-to-day snapper.and it’s Build quality is high. Samsung has fashioned an 11mm-thick handset shrouded largely in aluminium. It’s not a sleeve of metal like the HTC Legend but still very attractive. The only let-down is the menu button which is made of cheap, shiny plastic.

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