Samsung Galaxy Tab on Verizon Lacks Skype 3G Calling

Samsung Galaxy Tab on Verizon Lacks Skype 3G Calling



When the Samsung Galaxy Tab launches on Verizon in the next few weeks, The ability to make Skype calls over 3G will not be available.

Skype will still be available for the Verizon Galaxy Tab. but all voice calls will be restricted to WiFi only. What makes this interesting is that a special version of Skype is installed on other Android handsets on Verizon and each of those do have the ability to make calls over 3G, so it isn’t clear why this is being blocked for the Tab.

PC Mag point out the following

While Samsung’s tablet won’t be able to make 3G Skype calls on Verizon Wireless, the Apple iPad that Verizon is selling bundled with a MiFi hotspot can do so, in part because the MiFi makes Verizon’s 3G network look like a Wi-Fi network to the device.

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