Nokia Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon



Nokia has announced today that it is partnering with Microsoft.Nokia and Microsoft have confirmed the Windows Phone 7. It will be arriving soon on Nokia smartphones.

WP 7 operating system will become one of the primary platforms on Nokia smartphones in the coming months. this switch over marks a big change in direction for Nokia who were struggling a little with the Symbian operating system.

Nokia has said about this in the blog, this change is described as the Third Ecosystem. The ecosystem is described as bringing together “highly complementary assets and competencies.

According to the Nokia CEO

“Today Nokia and Microsoft intend to enter into a strategic alliance. Together we will bring consumers a new mobile experience with stellar hardware, innovative software and great services. We will create opportunities beyond anything that currently exists,”

Nokia says it wont be just another other regular Windows Phone OEM, but instead, will drive and define the future of the platform.

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