India finds a way to access BlackBerry emails



The telecoms ministry has suggested a formula by which security agencies can get access to corporate email on Research In Motion’s Blackberry devices, the Economic Times reported on Thursday. RIM faces an Aug. 31 deadline to give authorities the means to track and read BlackBerry Enterprise email and its separate BlackBerry Messenger service. The newspaper said the telecoms ministry has suggested every time a corporate email is sent on a BlackBerry handset through an enterprise server located in the premises of any company, a copy of this can be fed to the monitoring systems installed by all Internet service providers (ISPs) in the country. If the solution is not acceptable to the interior ministry, the only option for the telecoms ministry would be to instruct carriers not to offer the enterprise email services on Blackberry platform, the paper said. It cited an unnamed senior official in the home ministry as saying the intelligence agency was testing the proposal. A senior government source had said this week India would allow the messenger service to continue beyond the deadline as it had been assured access to the services, but could shut down the secure email service if access is not given by then. For the newspaper story, see (Writing by Devidutta Tripathy; Editing by Ranjit Gangadharan) (For more news visit Reuters India)

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