Get Motorola Making Available Maps For Android Smartphones

Get Motorola Making Available  Maps For Android Smartphones



Get Motorola Making Available Free Indian Maps For Android- Powered Handsets In India

Motorola ‘s New smartphone Name is  Milestone, Milestone XT720 and the Backflip can access any Indian map for acquiring information about cities, towns and villages spread across the country entirely because they function on Googles mobile operating system. The Android powered Motorola handsets have been designed as the perfect travel companion.

Not just the cities, towns and villages but this feature also offers voice- guided street-level navigable MapmyIndia maps for users who require information about numerous lanes and major national and  ,highways of the country.

The new maps are more detailed and include information such as business districts, offices and market locations. Navigate on Motorolas Android-powered handsets across 620 cities in India for a truly enjoyable experience,remarked Faisal Siddiqui, Country Head, Motorola Mobility India.

The most attractive part of these Android powered handsets is that they can provide this navigation service without installation or data charges. The users just need to open Motorolas MotoNav application for launching the maps on their systems. Any mobile network can be used and there is no requirement of a SIM card.

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