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how to make money from your Android apps | How to earn 10X more from Android

First of all you have to download the airpush sdk.then Push notification ads are sent to the notification tray of an  device, rather than inside an app.Now Users can click the ads at their convenience, which costs the advertiser based on his bid.Once a user clicks the ad, it loads the ad’s destination URL in a container.

Higher CTR’s and Conversions.

airpush ads generate significantly higher CTR’s and conversion rates, since users can view them at their own convenience rather than during an app session.advertisers typically have a lower CPA than with other ad networks. Airpush traffic performs phenomenally for both branding and performance campaigns.


No More Accidental Clicks.

around 50% of clicks from in-app ads are accidental. With Airpush ads, that number is close to 0% since it’s very difficult for users to accidentally click the ads. This further drives up conversion rates and lowers advertiser CPA’s compared to in-app ad networks.

Airpush apps
Airpush apps

Real-Time & Full Featured Tools.

It is the first mobile ad network to offer truly real-time statistics across all metrics including conversions, clicks, and impressions. Say goodbye to delayed data and clunky tools. Create campaigns in minutes, and perform in-depth and real-time analysis on your data by country, device, creative, carrier, time of day,  and other parameters!

– Over 3,000 Android registered developers.
– Over 100,000 new devices/day being enabled for Airpush ads.
– Traffic is doubling every week.
– Developer CPM’s have averaged $3.54 with 87% fill rates.
– staff has grown from 5 to 30+ in just a few months.

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