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How to Seriously Make Money by Blogging

Have you ever thought that a simple blog can help you make a lot of money? Do you know that you can earn some fast cash just by blogging. Did you know that today many people around the world are making use of this platform to spread their voices and also earning some quick bucks? If you are confused, let me make it clear. If you have flair of writing and are somewhat acquainted with the world of internet, you can easily open your own blog and start earning through it. Follow the easy steps mentioned below if you too want to make the most of this lucrative service. hear is a Tips for How To make money by Blogging with 7 Steps.


  1. Choose a topic you like to talk or write. It may be anything. This is the primary and most important step as passion breeds grand writing.
  1. Pick a service. You may choose from the vast option of platforms available. However, I always suggest as it is free and very easy to use. Further, with, you get the opportunity to monetize your blog with Google Adsense.
make money blogging-working from home
make money blogging-working from home
  1. Start your writing venture. You need not to write a book every time you sit. Just pen down what and why you think. One of my favorite blogs is a new personal finance blog-‘The Financial Times’. I like this because of its simplicity and lucid language.
  1. Blog regularly. This is very important as it helps secure good ranking in Google search results and show that you regular update fresh information. I try to write 3-5 times a week. You can also open door for your readers who want to write in your blog.
  1. Once you have been writing for a decent period, sign up Google Adsense and implement it in your blog. makes this very easy for its users.
  1. To earn decent amount, you should have decent number of followers. Join at least two relevant forums and start posting comments there. Do not join just to promote your blog. Try to help people in the forum. If you succeed, these people will automatically visit your blog. The more followers you get the more possible adsense revenue you generate.
  1. You may also make some cash by displaying other service providing website’ banner within your blog’ sidebar. Often these banners lead to sign up pages. If any of your visitors turn into a client of that website, you stand chance of achieving good percentage.
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This is a guest post by M.S who is a content writer and a financial adviser working with one of the largest MNC in the eastern part of Nevada.She writes on a variety of finance related topics with a special focus on debt which is of course my favourite subject

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