Sony LCD TV prices – Latest Sony Bravia lcd tv prices

Sony LCD TV prices – Latest Sony Bravia lcd tv prices


Full HD 1080 – It have With High Definition (HD) 1080 recording, and the effective scanning line is 1,080, which is more than twice the number in conventional standard definition (SD) format, and video data quality of High Definition 1080p recording is about 4.5 times more.

BRAVIA Engine 3 –  It is new high definition video processor that reproduces images with impressive depth, vibrant colours with true-to-life tones, and high-definition images with amazing clarity.

Motionflow 200Hz – It have a  Motionflow 200Hz. it is the world  first quadruple speed 200Hz frame rate conversion that helps to improve the clarity of fast-moving objects on screen.

RGB Dynamic LED : BRAVIA X Series can display the widest range of colours through the use of RGB LED backlighting which has a unique arrangement of red, blue and green LEDs.

BRAVIA 1080 Wireless : The BRAVIA 1080 Wireless is a stunning new technology that connects all your HD devices to your BRAVIA LCD TV with no messy wires.

New S-Force Front Surround: Sony has developed the new S-Force Front Surround by improving the digital signal processor algorithm and the result is a wider listening area that delivers amazing virtual surround sound using just the built-in television speakers. Listen to every dialogue with the Voice Zoom function while maintaining the level of ambient surround sound and maximise your movie watching experience with BRAVIA.

USB Photo Viewer : Just connect your digital still camera directly to your TV’s USB port and select “Photo” on your XMB menu to see your photos on full screen or as a slideshow!

BRAVIA Sync : BRAVIA Sync allows for intuitive one-push play and shutdown as it synchronises with all your other entertainment devices.

Sony Television Price List

Sony Television Price     Market Price
Sony KLV 26EX300 Price     Rs 26900
Sony KLV 40EX500 Price     Rs 49900
Sony KLV 40EX500 Price     Rs 73900
Sony KLV 22BX300 Price     Rs 16900
Sony KLV 32EX400 Price     Rs 42900
Sony KLV 46EX400 Price     Rs 88900
Sony KLV 32NX500 Price     Rs 45900
Sony KLV 40NX500 Price     Rs 68900
Sony KLV 26BX300 Price     Rs 25900
Sony KLV 32BX300 Price     Rs 34900
Sony KLV 40BX400 Price     Rs 61900
Sony KLV 32EX300 Price     Rs 35900
Sony KLV 40EX400 Price     Rs 64900
Sony KLV 32EX600 Price     Rs 57900
Sony KLV 40EX600 Price     Rs 93900
Sony KDL 52NX800 Price     Rs 249900
Sony KDL 40NX700 Price     Rs 123900
Sony KDL 46NX700 Price     Rs 163900
Sony KDL 52EX700 Price     Rs 199900
Sony KDL 46EX700 Price     Rs 133900
Sony KDL 40EX700 Price     Rs 103900
Sony KDL 32EX700 Price     Rs 65900
Sony KLV 22EX300 Price     Rs 17900
Sony KLV 40Z550A Price     Rs 103900
Sony KLV 37S550A Price     Rs 55900
Sony KLV 46Z550A Price     Rs 183900
Sony KLV 52Z550A Price     Rs 209900
Sony KLV 32T550A Price     Rs 35900
Sony KLV 22T550A Price     Rs 19900
Sony KLV 46W550A Price     Rs 113900
Sony KLV 26S550A Price     Rs 28900
Sony KLV 40S550A Price     Rs 67900
Sony KLV 40W550A Price     Rs 83900
Sony KLV 52V550A Price     Rs 159900
Sony KLV 40ZX1 Price     Rs 159900
Sony KLV 32V550A/B Price     Rs 45900
Sony KLV 40V550A/B Price     Rs 73900
Sony KLV 32W550A Price     Rs 62900
Sony KLV 46W450A Price     Rs 108900
Sony KLV 52W450A Price     Rs 159900
Sony KLV 32S550A Price     Rs 39900
Sony KLV 46V550A Price     Rs 93900
Sony KLV 40W450A Price     Rs 108900
Sony KLV 40Z450A Price     Rs 113900
Sony KLV 46Z450A Price     Rs 183900
Sony KLV 52Z450A Price     Rs 359900
Sony KLV 26T400G Price     Rs 28900
Sony KLV 32T400A Price     Rs 37900
Sony KLV 40X450A Price     Rs 153900
Sony KLV 46X450A Price     Rs 153900
Sony KLV 55X450A Price     Rs 399900
Sony KLV 19T400G Price     Rs 17900
Sony KLV 26T400A Price     Rs 27900
Sony KLV 19T400W Price     Rs 18900
Sony KLV 19T400A Price     Rs 16900
Sony KDL 70X3500 Price     Rs 2000000
Sony KLV 46V400A Price     Rs 103900
Sony KLV 40S400A Price     Rs 71900
Sony KLV 20S400A Price     Rs 22900
Sony KLV 40V400A Price     Rs 78900
Sony KLV 37S400A Price     Rs 57900
Sony KLV 26S400A Price     Rs 32900
Sony KLV 32V400A/B Price     Rs 45900
Sony KLV 32S400A Price     Rs 42900
Sony KLV 32W400A Price     Rs 47900
Sony KLV 40W400A Price     Rs 93900
Sony KLV 46W400A Price     Rs 113900
Sony KLV 52W400A Price     Rs 199900
Sony KV LS212M90 Price     Rs 12990
Sony KV HP29M93 Price     Rs 18990
Sony KLV 52X350A Price     Rs 309900
Sony KLV 46X350A Price     Rs 203900
Sony KLV 40X350A Price     Rs 133900
Sony KV HG29M80 Price     Rs 17900
Sony KV HP213M93 Price     Rs 12990
Sony KV AW212M80/H Price     Rs 8990
Sony KV SZ292M88 Price     Rs 15990
Sony KF 42E200A Price     Rs 59990
Sony KV HM213M80 Price     Rs 9990
Sony KV AZ213M83 Price     Rs 10990
Sony KV BZ14M70 Price     Rs 5990
Sony KV HP212M83 Price     Rs 12990
Sony KV AW212M83/H Price     Rs 10490
Sony KV SP29M83-53 Price     Rs 20990
Sony KV HG21M80C Price     Rs 10990
Sony KV FA21M83 Price     Rs 12990
Sony KV FA29M83 Price     Rs 19990

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