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Mozilla Firefox 5 Release in June

Mozilla has set plan for the next version of Firefox, Mozilla will release Firefox 5 on June 21.and Mozilla could crank out Firefox 6 just two months later.Mozilla has shifted to a faster-paced development cycle where it adds new features as it goes to a series of versions.

According to Mozilla’s site , its new, faster development will match Google’s.

Mozilla is currently planning a truncated schedule for Firefox 5, which will come on June 21. To meet that deadline, Firefox 5 has to hit the “aurora” channel April 12 and reach beta by May 17.

With Firefox 5 done, Mozilla will shift to a standard 18-week schedule that will put Firefox 6’s release around mid-August.

Mozilla will add features to Firefox as it goes. If a feature is not ready for the first of the four channels.Mozilla’s new plan will update the beta channel every week, the nightly and aurora channels every day, and the Firefox build every six weeks.

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