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HP x2301 Ultra Thin Monitor

HP has launch the x2301 display. it is 23 inches diagonal and is also classed as being very thin. It is just 9.8mm thin which is achieved by moving a lot of the electronics in to the base/stand of the monitor.
You can see in the image below, the monitor has several ports on the back of the base which allows for VGA, HDMI, DVI connections to be made. Lock and power ports can also be found on the back side of the display.


On the technical spec , the HP x2301 his capable of full HD at 1980×1080 pixels (1080p). The contrast ratio of the screen is 8,000,000 to 1. Response time is 3ms.

It will officially launch next month (June) on the 10th when it will carry a price tag of $279.99.

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