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How to post on Google+ & Facebook

Google+ is a new social network to share your updates and pictures.hear ia a tips for How to post on Google+ & Facebook,Your post will  go to each social network’s website and updating status.

There is a simpler way to use the Circles feature on Google+. First of all you have to go, login to your account and on the right side of the page you will see an option to ‘upload via email’.


Underneath the text, you will see your account specific email address – copy it. Next, Open Google+ and go to Circles. Click on add a new Circle and call it ‘Facebook Update’.

Click on add a new person and paste your Facebook account specific email address and save it with any name.whenever you update your status in Google+, simply add this circle in your list and it will automatically post the same status to your Facebook wall as well.

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