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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Computers and the internet have become an integral part of human lives. They are as important as air and water, especially in the world of business. These things are a blessing for mankind they enable us to do things within a few clicks of a mouse. But as it is, with every power comes great responsibility and children have to be taught theirs.

The internet is usually used for researching and entertainment, but it does not have any limit that is why parents have to intervene. There are lots of inappropriate things available on the web which should be banned, at least for kids. Some of the ways you can keep your kids safe when they are working online are given below, hear is a tips for How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online
How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Keeping the Computer at a place where you can monitor

You should keep your PC in a room where everyone is passing or sitting. If you keep your PC in the living room, your child will always be aware that someone or the other might come by, which will always keep them away from thinking about viewing inappropriate content. Many people give their children everything including an internet connection in the privacy of their rooms and these children usually end up accessing inappropriate content and sites. Keep an eye on your child while he/she is browsing the web to make sure whatever they are doing is safe and clean.

Keeping underage Children away from Social Sites

Recently, social sites such as Myspace, Orkut and Facebook have become a hunting ground for predators. These people target young children, get friendly with them and invite them to a meeting. They discover the weaknesses of your children and lure them towards them. These cases have been reported all over the world, with most children found dead. Try to keep an eye on your children while they are browsing and if possible, keep them away from these social sites. If you cannot stop them, at least ban them from talking to strangers. These predators are experts in manipulating children; they fool them in giving away their personal information and sometimes compromising pictures which are later used for blackmailing. To stop your children from ending up in such a situation, it is better that you stop it from growing by cutting off the roots.

Adult content filtering

It is shocking that children have easy access to adult material, finding whatever they want through search engines. To protect your child from such material, you should install a filter on your computer so you can control the content that your kids may access. There is some software available on the internet which can help you block these keywords. You can also ask your provider to ban such websites on your personal IP.


There are a lot of spam emails you can find in your inbox every day. Most of them have a viral hook or inappropriate/false content. You should regularly check your child’s email inbox and make sure they are not exposed to such things. Keep an eye on your child’s subscriptions and inform them if they are making a mistake.

Author BIO : –  Mike is a father 2. Since his children are using the computer more and more often, Mikes wants to make sure they are safe. When his is not writting, Mikes distributeboys toys and outdoor toys

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