How To Disable Automatic Updates In LG Optimus One

LG Optimus One runs On Google’s Android operating system.the phone syncs with your google and other social networking accounts, it is constantly checking for updates online time to time Automaticly . Even if you do not start the GPRS connection on your own, the phone is set by default to check for new emails, notification and updates in the background.Hear is a tips for Disable Automatic Updates In LG Optimus One.



You can either disable background sync of the phone or just switch the GPRS connection off. To disable background sync, go to Settings > Accounts & Sync and on you will see options for ‘Background Data’ and ‘Auto Sync’.

Uncheck both options to completely disable automatic updates. You can launch an app and manually refresh to get updates. Although this limits GPRS usage, it will not completely switch it off. To switch GPRS off, go to Wireless & Networks >Mobile networks and disable Data Transfers. Simply enable data transfer by repeating the same steps when you need to access data.

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