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How to create partitions without formatting in Windows 7 & Windows xp

For create partitions without formatting.You have to download Easeus Partition Master Home Edition from or Paragon Partition Manager from Both are free and allow you to create, delete or resize partitions without the need to format the entire drive.we are hear with tips for create partitions without formatting in Windows 7.

But you Have to backup all your data before you partition your drive. Choose the option to resize the existing parition in both the applications and run the wizard to make the process simple.

How to Partition without format 0
How to Partition without format 0

You will be required to enter the size of the new partition to be created so make sure to enter the exact size of the new partition.

The application offers the option to make multiple partitions at one go, we would recommend that you create only one partition at a time to avoid any issues. Once the partition process has started, it should not be interrupted by a power failure or reboot – this may cause the hard disk to crash and become unusable. Try This at Your Own Risk.

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