Health Tips for Enterprise Professional Employees

Health Tips for Enterprise Professional Employees



When you come home and hit the bed at the end of the day with a complete or incomplete satisfaction of handling huge workload at office, remember your body went through an even higher amount of strain and workload. hear we  included some tips for the enterprise professional employees.

1. Self-contemplation – I said self contemplation because some people say “come on dude we have heard it a hundred times and frankly we don’t have time” at the very outset if I say Yoga. I totally understand that you are busy but find twenty minutes for self contemplation every day. If you don’t know any yoga, it’s fine but you can sit in a rather meditative posture, close your eyes, retrospect all the thoughts in the world for ten minutes and try to stay blank for some time. You can do it even before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning. Trust me, it helps manage stress.

2. Focus on simple things – Some things which you find simple can work a lot for your body. This includes spending time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 6, reading more books of your taste, humming a song when you are low and talking to old friends and family members. These are more of mental relaxation work outs. Amidst the ego clashes and tensions in your office, don’t take yourself so seriously and try to forget things that give negative energy. After all, life is complexly simple.

3. A good diet – Every dietician can give you a detailed list of a rich diet but many names in the list are hard to follow every day. But you can always add any of the following like carrots, eggs, bananas, tomatoes, garlic and fish in your diet which will give you some bit of the whole proteins and vitamins you need every day. And should I tell you that you should drink plenty of water and avoid that canned aerated sugary drink as much as possible (so that you won’t add unwanted calories to your body).

4. 20-20-20 rule – Well as I said in the beginning dry eyes and back pains are constant followers when your work includes fighting with a computer. Remember the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, close your eyes for 20 seconds, get up and walk 20 paces, blink your eyes a lot and have a face wash if possible. Remember to smile a lot whenever you do this exercise.

5. The avoid list– Certain things you should avoid or at least try to reduce like late night coding and other works, alcohol and smoking (you knew that coming right?), gossips and other unhealthy conversations (the more it extends the more it troubles), music with earphones on etc.

And sleeping is necessary for relax the body. so  Sleep for 6 continuous hours in a day, and take one time medical checkup in a month , say more jokes and take things lightly. Enjoy a good day and a healthy weekend.

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