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What is Google TV | Google TV Introduction

Google TV is a Smart TV / Connected TV platform from Google.Google is going to launch Google TV in the UK with in the next six months. The GTV service has already been available in the US for a while now on either specifically designed Google TVs or via companion boxes such as the Logitech one which sit between the signal and the TV.


The announcement will possible be made by Eric Schmidt at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

Google TV’s hardware is unknown at the moment. It is likely that Logitech and Sony will both create a box or TV capable of Google TV just like they have in the US, but at the moment no confirmations have been made about this.

The MacTaggart lecture is scheduled for later today at 6:45pm UK time. The lecture will also be streamed on YouTube. To access the stream you can visit the MGEITF stream on YouTube.

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