Google Voice Search Comes to the desktop (Google Voice)

To get Google Voice Search working you need to have a Mic attached to your computer. This could either be a built in mic or external attached mic. You also need the Google Chrome browser, making sure it’s the latest version, and then go over to When there, at the far right of the search bar you’ll see a small Mic. Click on it and then speak your search term. When recognised the results will load up.



Google is using Voice Search on Android smartphones for quite a while now. The process is that you tap a button, speak your search term and then get the results appear in the browser. It has now come to the desktop pc with Crome Browser.

It is very sure it will come in handy for some people who perhaps might prefer voice than typing.

Some of the benefits listed by Google include making it easier for search terms that are difficult to spell and longer search queries, both of which can sometimes be a pain to type in.

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