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Google on an Unintended Mission to Destroy Facebook Promptly?

While Google may not have announced that their mission is to promptly destory Facebook this will likely be the outcome when Google + is one hundred percent launched finally.  Although Google developers have tried in the past to join in the social networking craze it seems to be that they just may be on to something this time around.  You’re probably wondering what types of features could be so great that they will make the masses of FB users switch to a new social networking site, but we must remember that it didn’t take much at all to get Myspace users to switch to Facebook to conduct their social networking.  Facebook really didn’t offer Myspace users much more in the form of features, and definitely not in the form of privacy, but the truth of the matter is that social networkers, and techies in general, love to try out the next big thing.  And another inconvenient truth is that social networkers do not have a lot of loyalty, at least not when it comes to where they do their social networking.


So your probably wondering if Google + is so special why is it not being used yet and why have most people not seen it?  And the answer is that while most people have not seen it, it is being tested out by many.  So far Google is allowing people to test Google + by invitation only and there is no word as to when more people will get to starting using but rest assured it won’t be long and the wait will be worth it if they hammer out all of the bugs before launching the social networking platform globally.  In the meantime Facebook users might as well get an idea of exactly what Google + is offering.

Interested parties can see exactly what features are destined to destroy Facebook in the way of social networking by visiting the Google + Project web page.  You can take an interactive, virtual tour of the features that are currently in the works plus you can sign up for updates on the progress of the newest way to go about social networking.  Users will know exactly what to expect when Google + is launched and exactly what to compare to Facebooks features.

Just to give those social networkers that can’t wait to see an idea of what Google + is all about just know that whether intended or not a few features in particular will likely be responsible for the demise of Facebook social networking.  Google + Circles will likely be one of the hottest features since it allows users to update different groups as to their status independently.  And Google + Hangouts allows multiple users to communicate by video virtually.  Already sounding better than Facebook?  Good because when Google + is launched there is no telling where Facebook will be.


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